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Student Council and Distance Learning
Hello everyone, my name is Avery Provenzano, and I am Holy Family’s Student Council president. This past month and a half has been something none of us could have ever expected. These uncertain circumstances have forced us students to become very proactive and more flexible. Speaking for myself, this adjustment could not have been made easier if it wasn’t for the help of our teachers and parents, who we know are on our side and want what’s best for us. During this time, I have really seen my school community rally together and make the best of a difficult situation.
Starting in sixth grade, students begin to use the online program Google Classroom. This forum has made the transition very smooth, and it is pushing us to stay accountable and on a schedule. Additionally, all of the work for all of our classes gets posted in classroom, so it allows us to be more organized. Google meets, email, and google hangouts are online resources that we are using now more than ever. Without them, we would not be able to connect with our teachers and classmates. This whole experience, although unfortunate, has helped to push us middle schoolers to become more independent and responsible.
Utilizing social media; Instagram, Facebook, and hangouts, has been a great way to keep students connected to each other, and students connected to the teachers. We meet with our teachers on the daily as a class and occasionally on the side. Being able to talk to our teachers has made it much more comforting, even though we aren't capable of having in person conversation with them. By using hangouts, we can get questions answered quickly anytime throughout the day. Our social media has kept us connected by celebrating our learning and school spirit.
In spite of the unknown times, student council has tried to keep some traditions the same. For example, on May 7th, Holy Family would’ve had our Student Talent Show. Instead, we have decided to host a first annual Virtual Talent show. We have received multiple videos of our students performing their talents at home. We will mold these videos together to create an online show for the school to enjoy. Secondly, normally towards the end of the year, Student Council would lead the school in a spirit week. Again, we made a few minor changes, and we are still going to have a spirit week. The students will dress in themes at home and send in pictures of themselves. Small things like these are two great ways we can keep our school community as a whole connected.
As an eighth grader, I feel that the end of my year has been hit really hard. It is extremely hard to not be able to end my nine year journey with the people I started it with. Even though I know that the teachers are doing everything they possibly can to keep us connected, and to keep things as normal as possible, it just doesn't feel the same. We are missing those little moments in class and when we got to make memories with our friends and classmates. However, I would like to express my gratitude to all of the staff who are working so hard to keep us busy, and on schedule. Thank you to all the parents who are pushing their child to stay on top of things and to stay driven to stay concentrated. Thank you and God bless.

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Holy Smokes BBQ Featured Photo

Holy Smokes BBQ

Support Holy Family School by purchasing a full barbecue family dinner delivered by drive-thru pick-up. All orders must be received by June 8, 2020. Click above for the complete menu and to make a secure payment via PayPal.
An Alumnus Back on Campus Featured Photo

An Alumnus Back on Campus

In this short video, Ian da Silva, a Holy Family alumnus, shares his experiences with Catholic education and at Holy Family School. The HFS community truly is a family and alumni are always welcome back on campus!
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Now Accepting Applications

Thank you for your interest in Holy Family School. We are currently accepting applications for all grade levels. More information about the application process can be found under Admissions > Application. Feel free to call our Admissions Office at (408) 978-1355 with any additional questions.
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Our Values
Holy Family School is a learning community which emphasizes academic excellence, commitment to faith, physical well-being, and self-confidence. Built upon the foundations of our Catholic faith, Holy Family School continues to be a unique place for students to learn and grow. Our diverse inclusive community forges life giving relationships which leads our students towards a successful life path.
Our Facilities
Located on an expansive four-acre campus, on the east side of the parish site, Holy Family School has wonderful school amenities. Boasting large classrooms, a gymnasium, science lab, library and a dedicated space for occupational therapy, Holy Family School continually updates the facilities for the benefit of student learning. Our Preschool is conveniently located on campus with its own dedicated entrance and area for the youngest HFS students.
Our History
Holy Family School (HFS), formally known as Holy Family Educational Center, was established in September 1986. HFS is a parish community supported school. Our motto is Believe & Achieve.
Our Faculty
The Holy Family faculty includes teachers, instructional aides, and administrative staff. Many of our faculty members are alumni and parents of HFS graduates.

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